25 sept 2019

i love tote bags so i've made my first one for sale here. more to follow! 


 and phone cases here

4 oct 2018 

i am delighted to announce that PEEK ZOO premiers on RTE jr 8th oct 

 here are some stills from episode 1! 


 2 aug 2018

piggy pattern  


cat pattern 


31 july 2018 

dog pattern. for licensing please contact kevin@kevinwaldron.co.uk


24 july 2018

cat pattern. for licensing please contact kevin@kevinwaldron.co.uk  


13 july 2018  


here are some photos from the exhibition of art for sale i had last weekend at the invisible dog in brooklyn. they are all made in oil pastels. please contact me if you have any inquiries at kevin@kevinwaldron.co.uk 




13 july 2018

i have a small exhibition of art for sale up at the invisible dog in brooklyn this weekend. here is a kitty made in oil pastels


16 apr 2018

a few characters i made a while ago for fun


24 aug 2017


18 july 2017 

some new t-shirts for sale at graniph 


19 may 2017

i had a wee show here recently at the invisible dog art center in brooklyn. it was called PAPERTEAR & all the art was made by tearing paper by hand & glueing it down. my favourite was the hippo with the oxpecker (40" x 50")


this gorilla worked out well too (40" x 50") 


moody nighttime shot while hanging the show


cat print t-shirt available from graniph


12 dec 2016  

collage piece called 'dun laoghaire' made by tearing colour paper by hand, 32" x 24"



17 may 2016  

harold's hungry eyes is out NOW with phaidon press


26 apr 2016  

more colour paper tearing collage. therapeutic  


13 apr 2016 

shere khan i made by tearing colour paper by hand for the guardian books section today 


1 apr 2016  

prints for sale here


25 mar 2016 

bear walking from kevin waldron on Vimeo


24 mar 2016 

Portrait from kevin waldron on Vimeo.

23 mar 2016

Royal Society Of Owls from kevin waldron on Vimeo


23 mar 2016

Der Besuch from kevin waldron on Vimeo

22 mar 2016

street from kevin waldron on Vimeo


1 feb 2016

steps for drawing a bear... in an aran sweater



25 jan 2016

a flamboyance of flamingos print available HERE


22 oct 2015 

cats for patterns 


14 oct 2015

bear print available HERE

started making characters for patterns, will post more on my instagram acc


5 mar 2015

some more collage, lots more on my instagram acc


16 dec 2014

wilbur prints here



8 dec 2014 

a very merry christmas one & all!


6 nov 2014

from a series of animal collages i've been making recently, lots more on my instagram 

4 nov 2014  

spread from a collection of nursery rhymes for seven stories 


5 sept 2014


14 aug 2014  

original available here. prints, pillows, etc available here

30 june 2014  

here's a list of the awards the penny the pirate book for saatchi & saatchi australia's OPSM campaign won recently at cannes lions:

SILVER in Mobile Lions for category: Charities, Not for Profit and Public Information - TABLET.
SILVER in Direct Lions for Use of DM - Dimensional Mailing
BRONZE in Direct Lions for category: Acquisitions ­- STRATEGY
BRONZE in Health Lions for category: clinics & hospitals - print.
Finalist in Mobile Lions for category: Content created for mobile ­- CRAFT
Finalist in Health Lions for education & awareness, print.
Finalist in Health Lions for education & awareness, direct/promo/activation
Finalist in Health Lions for clinics & hospitals, direct/promo/activation 

24 june 2014

a few spreads from the penny the pirate book for OPSM


17 may 2014

i call this one... 24 hrs in the life of  cat


16 apr 2014

images i made inspired by movies i've been watching & novels i've been reading recently 


13 mar 2014

some hand drawn animal posters for sale in the shop. these are really big & would look fantastic on a child's bedroom wall  




                               really big thank you to regan & nic

2 sept 2013

SF map for aerlingus inflight magazine cara 


8 july 2013

some spreads from a pop-up book about food


2 july 2013


spread from a pop-up book for korea


5 june 2013

this here is wilbur, i've got some prints of him for sale


kw iphone case available here


30 may 2013

i have loose sheets that i scribble on when my scanner is struggling along, this is what one looks like if i bother to colour it in! below that is a sticker i designed as part of a little collection organised by jon burgerman


 23 apr 2013

here is a test animation from 2012 by the amazing people at studio aka using some of my illustrations. the project didn't materialise in the end but i was so excited by what they did 



went for a stroll around dublin zoo with regan hutchins recently, here's a little podcast he recorded for the RTE lyric fm series, culture file 

19 apr 2013

images i made inspired by ealing studio's kind hearts & coronets (1949) & the ladykillers (1955)  

8 apr 2013

 some owls i was drawing last week...


5 apr 2013

 here's an old image i fixed up recently. it's from a project i did many years ago in college; i was illustrating franz kafka's Der Prozess (the trial)


interactive map of the bronx here


3 apr 2013

pandamonium at peek zoo, out now


13 mar 2013

pandamonium at peek zoo out next month 


13 mar 2013


8 mar 2013


6 mar 2013



5 mar 2013

recent discovery...


4 mar 2013



2 mar 2013

 go to the node launch at the design museum, info here


28 feb 2013


25 feb 2013

i have a few of these black & white illustrations with old vehicles on the go at the moment... 


19 feb 2013

pattern for mr peek's pyjamas. would like to do more of this stuff- bed sheets/curtains/wallpaper/etc 


19 feb 2013

 my card maybe, if i had one... 


15 feb 2013

 was working on some hand lettering earlier today...


10 feb 2013

another photo of my rug from my very talented friend chris haughton. support node here


17 jan 2013

node official launch at the design museum, london on tues 5th march. watch this great video & design your own rug

9 jan 2013

 fair trade, hand made rugs from nepal- here's my design for node. available to buy online. big thanks to chris haughton

14 dec 2012

 nice portrait of yours truly by jon burgerman, ta jon


 working on some collages today, will put the good ones i don't need up for sale in the shop sometime soon... 



19 nov 2012

 watched roberto rossellini's war trilogy (rome open city, paisan, germany year zero) last month so i thought he should feature>>> 


another spread from pandamonium at peek zoo, not everything goes according to plan would you believe?!


 a little snippet from a cultural map of the bronx i was working on. you can see the interactive map in full when it goes online soon, i'll post a link


3 nov 2012

i simply cannot stop listening to harry nilsson (the children's story album, the point, is playing as i type), so i added him to the crowd. see below>>>

 24 oct 2012

revised mr peek cover 


17 oct 2012

a page from the new mr peek book, out 1 april 2013

27 sept 2012

another scrapped spread from the new mr peek book. you can pre-order pandamonium at peek zoo here


 27 sept 2012

added chester arthur burnett aslo know as howlin' wolf, see below>>>

25 sept 2012

mr peek is also now available in hebrew! i couldn't even figure out how to copy & paste the text so i had to make a screen shot!


21 sept 2012

added jean gabin- grand illusion, port of shadows & le jour se léve have all been in our dvd player recently. 

14 sept 2012

inspired by the sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band album cover & running with some illustrations of famous personalities i've been doing recently, i'm starting a little group of people i get a little obsessed with. to start, here's ian dury. i've been listening to new boots & panties!! & mr love pants way too often in the last 3 weeks. will keep adding my other preoccupations as they come.


6 sept 2012

working on a new cover for the 2nd mr peek book today, disappointed to learn that sales don't really care for this one. on the plus side, the first mr peek book is now available in polish: pan pikulik he's called!


13 aug 2012 

was sketching some soldiers for a map i'm working on at the moment. they're not accurate for the period so i thought i'd stick 'em up here... 


13 aug 2012

 finished the second mr peek book last month, will post some more when i get the chance, been a busy bee... 


22 may 2012

some of the crowd at peek zoo...


15 may 2012

lions again today. just keep sketching & the answer will reveal itself! 


14 may 2012

a look at mr peek's car from a page i'm finishing up soon 


10 may 2012

a lion i was working on today, he's a little bit tough to see here because he's lurking in the shadows


7 may 2012

mr & mrs public. this time around peek zoo has plenty of visitors. here are a few characters that appear in the crowd scenes.


30 apr 2012 

a parcel/raft/rookery/créche/huddle of penguins. seems there's no standard collective noun, but i like a plague of penguins


22 mar 2012

i finished this page for the next mr peek book, but we had to amend the story so it got scrapped. ah well... 


17 mar 2012

the first page for a little story i illustrated for the feb issue of french children's magazine pomme d'api


here's a close up of  the spider from the facing page>>>


24 feb 2012

building up the mr peek character for the cover...

23 feb 2012


OFFSET, OFFSET, OFFSET! get your tickets here!


25 jan 2012

finishing up some spreads for mr peek 2 this week, still a way to go. mr peek 1 has been translated into spanish & catalan by the nice people at editorial flamboyant. he will be called sr. rondón, sounds good to me!


2 dec 2011

M is for mime...  

my poster for the small print project, the illustrated alphabet. prints are available to buy here


28 nov 2011

still trying to finish up the "peek-ual" (thanks mathew!) 


25 oct 2011

quick sketch for matt sewell's ghost of gone birds colouring book

29 sept 2011

personal piece inspired by a dream i have once a year- i am casually informed that it is compulsory to attend your old school for another 4 or so years. didn't i know about this? it's common knowledge. utter dread seizes me; the thought of having to somehow pass another irish exam! then i wake up.


8 sept 2011

some elephant characters i started for a project that didn't work out. i'll put up the finished ones at some point, they still need some tweaking 


3 aug 2011

sent some monster scribbles to jon & he burgerman-ised them for me in his inimitable style



thrilled to bits to win this year's bull-bransom award. last year's winner, the lion & the mouse, by jerry pinkney is excellent.  


CBI shortlist - Booktrust awards

mar 2011 - WOW, with a little help the first framed print is up for sale in the shop! will put up more as we go on finding suitable frames here & there

jan 2011 - happy new year! have been meaning to do this for a while now, posting it here will give me the incentive to actually follow it up. there will be some signed prints for sale soon

jan 2011 - great to see a bilingual copy of tiny little fly. it is also available in dutch & german & soon to be translated for japan. here is a Q&A with michael rosen for publishers weekly. oh... & here it is in french 


the foldout sequence from tiny little fly, written by michael rosen

some spreads from the book, tiny little fly, we will be taking about making next week (sunday 12th sept 2010) in dun laoghaire, dublin. the pictures above are really two double page spreads beside one another. my fellow dubliner, chris haughton will also be there taking about his new book, a bit lost.

Mountains to Sea Festival 2010

 little promo for tiny little fly. written by michael rosen. out 4 oct 2010

poster i finished recently for children's book ireland 


some endpapers from tiny little fly that we didn't get to use.   

oct 2010 - to oder from amazon click here (US) or here (UK) 

 oct 2010 - mr peek is now available in stores here in the US. i'm delighted to say that the renowned strand bookstore has a few copies. i should also mention that it has been translated into french (le zoo de mister peek), german (herr pipapo!), portuguese (sr. pancas!) italian (mr peek e i malintesi allo zoo) & danish (hr. prik).


oct 2009 - bedtime story

 this venerable turkey character is based on a black and white photograph of my grandad,  kevin waldron, on his wedding day. thankfully, he didn't mind the anthropomorphization!



my french may be wrong, sorry!

corrected by gilbert, merci!

our heroes setting off on their adventure...

An image for the Where The Wild Things Are inspired website, www.terribleyelloweyes.com


How to make a turkey! There will be some more sketchbook samples on www.apple-egg.co.uk on monday 3rd Aug. Please take a look.


I love drawing Mr. Peek's long shoes!


Step 1. design the Owl & the Pussy-cat characters. Step 2. make them dance! 

Sometimes Mr. Peek had his best ideas inside an elephant's mouth. 


Mr Peek Poster

Getting some practice for another Mr. Peek book!  



 The turkey who lives on the hill (& friends!) from the Owl & the Pussy-cat


Another spread from The Owl & the Pussy-cat, out Oct 2009

Mr. Peek & the misunderstanding at the zoo won the Opera Prima award at Bologna Children's Book Fair 2009 

Receiving the award in Bologna, March 2009


Spread from Mr. Peek & the misunderstanding at the zoo, 2008.

To order from amazon.co.uk click here


Bologna Catalogue Cover 2009

The Owl & the Pussy-cat, coming later this year. A Simon & Schuster book